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Black Walnut Beveled Wood Beer Tap Handle Front View
Black Walnut Beer Tap Handle from $ 25.00
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Bocote What's on Draft Tap Handle
Bocote What's on Draft Tap Handle from $ 30.00 $ 35.00
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Wall Mounted Cap n' Catch Bottle Opener
Cap 'n' Catch Bottle Opener - Come and Take It - Mahogany $ 45.00 $ 50.00
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Cap 'n' Catch Bottle Opener - Come and Take It - Pecan
Cap 'n' Catch Bottle Opener - Come and Take It - Pecan $ 45.00 $ 50.00
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Your home-brewed beer has a distinct flavor. Pair it with a one-of-a-kind handle.

You’re not just a brewer; you’re a craftsman. We get that. At Half Yankee Workshop, each tap handle and bottle opener is hand cut and finished to give you a back bar as unique as your brew.
Half Yankee craftmaster Jeremy Jordan works with a combination of local woods from his home in Houston, Texas and exotic woods sourced from reputable vendors worldwide. He shapes each piece of wood into a one-of-a-kind tap handle, taking inspiration from the beers he samples along the way.
Every handcrafted wood beer tap handle has a story—though of course, the bartender is free to embellish. Visit the shop to browse our Session Series, Seasonal Series, and Premium Reserve beer tap handles.

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Aging Beer with Wood

November 01, 2016

Barrel Aged Beer

I believe most homebrewers and craft beer drinkers are aware of the concept of aging beer on wood.   We’ve all seen commercial breweries proudly display their beer soaking the goodness in various wooden spirit barrels; usually whiskey, but sometimes we’ll see other spirits like wine, rum, or tequila.   

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Avery Brewing Co. Posts Homebrew Recipes

June 28, 2016

Avery Brewing Co. Beer List

This should come as no surprise as this brewery has always been very open about their recipes and is glad to help people create good beer on their own.  While not every beer has its recipe listed, several of our favorites are.

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