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August 09, 2017


Nobi Tap Handles

Custom Wood Tap Handles
We worked with Charles from Nobi's Public House to create some of the most unique tap handles to ever pour beer!  Here is the story behind them.

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June 16, 2017


Beer-Drinking Moose, Non-Drinking Fish, and Other Weird Booze Laws

Our friends over at Southern Drinking Club wrote up a great article on drinking laws and beer abv limits.  Go have a read and a laugh!

Weird Booze Laws

May 07, 2017


November 01, 2016


Aging Beer with Wood

Barrel Aged Beer

I believe most homebrewers and craft beer drinkers are aware of the concept of aging beer on wood.   We’ve all seen commercial breweries proudly display their beer soaking the goodness in various wooden spirit barrels; usually whiskey, but sometimes we’ll see other spirits like wine, rum, or tequila.   

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June 28, 2016


Avery Brewing Co. Posts Homebrew Recipes

Avery Brewing Co. Beer List

This should come as no surprise as this brewery has always been very open about their recipes and is glad to help people create good beer on their own.  While not every beer has its recipe listed, several of our favorites are.

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June 07, 2016


Homebrew Competition Tips

NHBC Medal

Homebrew competitions are excellent ways to receive critical, non-biased feedback on your liquid art.  However not all competitions are equal.  Learn what to look for in one and how to find which competition is worthwhile.  Also pick up some tricks and tips on how to bring home the gold.

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May 25, 2016

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May's Shop News

Bocote Tap Handles

May's Shop Newsletter

- Our latest "Brewing with the Schick" article on Portable Beer options. 

-  Announcement of our newest Bocote What's on Draft Tap Handles

-  We welcome Beerhaus of Las Vegas to the craft beer bar scene


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