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DIY Jockey Box

Have homebrew, want to travel?  So you followed our last post and Built your own Keezer.  While living the good life of not having to deal with bottles it hit you.  How am I going to take my kegged homebrew over to Miller Lite Mike's house for the game? Thankfully we live in an inebriated age where there are a lot of choices, meeting all types of budgets and gadget-minded individuals.  Through the years I have either used or personally own many of these apparatuses, and can give a firsthand impression.  

Kegs from Brash Brewing Houston, Texas

 There's no way I'm just gonna leave all this beer


  Standard Growler

Everyone is familiar with these, and many of us have too many.  They are cheap, simple, and easily replaceable.   The biggest downfall with the typical growler is the beer is really best consumed very quickly (if you consider that a downfall).  Once you pour out an amount, the dissolved co2 will slowly start to come out of suspension, and fill the newly created headspace – meaning your beer is becoming flat (and exposed to a little more oxygen).  If you have a good original seal, the beer can last for quite a while – until you first open it.   





Growltap (growltap.com) is the first gadget we’ll focus on that addresses the flat growler beer issue.   They designed their product to fit on standard growlers, which is very convenient!  It uses food-grade 12g or 16g co2 cylinders that deploys the co2 by a simple push-button dispenser (the yellow item in the picture).   It also features a safety pressure release valve, so you can’t over pressurize your growler.     

Costs: $45 – two year warranty 





DrinkTanks (www.drinktanks.com) is designed to be an extremely tough, insulated growler first and foremost.   It was designed to insulate both hot and cold beverages, so you could use it to transport your coffee in the morning and your beer in the evening.    Doubled-walled stainless construction, double-latching lid, etc. it appears to be able to handle whatever you throw at it (and appropriately named).   It comes in a standard growler size 64oz and a giant 128oz version, and a wide range of colors.  

What also makes the DrinkTank awesome is the accessory cap that is similar to the Growltap in concept.  Easily share the beer via the picnic tap, while keeping the beer safe under a light pressure of co2.   Unlike the Growltap, this cap will only work with the DrinkTank, as it is latched down vs a screw top design. 


Costs - $69 for the 64oz version – Lifetime warranty.  The accessory cap will cost you an additional $45.  




The Trailkeg(Trailkeg.com) is another option for a growler replacement, and in my opinion, extremely well designed.  The picnic tap connects to the lid through a ball-lock connection, as many of you homebrewers will recognize.  The lid also fits Hydroflask and Lifeline doubled-walled stainless growlers if you already own one (they also sell their own version).   The feature I believe sets this apart from other options is the co2 dispenser.  It is actually a regulator with a dial – so you can put just enough co2 to push the beer, or a little more pressure to preserve the pressure for longer storage.   The regulator has a quick disconnect, so you only need to connect it when you need to pressurize the growler.   This would also allow you to own one regulator to share among multiple units (assuming you have them).  

Costs - $126 (I could not find the warranty information on the site).   If you already have one of the compatible growlers, you can purchase just the lid and accessories for $76. 


The Beer Box 


The BeerBox (www.brewingtools.com) was initially designed as replacement for bottling.  Homebrewers can rack their beer into the two 2.75 gallon boxes, and carbonate naturally using priming sugar.  After carbonation, place them in your refrigerator to chill and serve!  It also uses the same small co2 cartridges to keep the beer pressurized and flowing.   For those that keg, you can transfer your already carbonated beer into one of these, and put the BeerBox in a cooler to keep it cold.   While not quite as portable as the other options we reviewed, it does have quite a bit of capacity.   It would be a great option for an outdoor party, fishing trip, etc.   I would avoid transporting it if you naturally carbonate in the BeerBox, as the yeast will go back into suspension, and affect the appearance and possibly flavor of your beer.   

Cost - $200 – 6 month warranty 





If you have ever been to a beer festival, you likely have seen these in action.   The concept is simple – beer flows through a cooling device (either stainless coils or an aluminum cold plate) that is surrounded by ice.  This allows you to serve beer that isn’t able to be kept properly chilled.    


Costs – Varies widely.  You can purchase a 1-tap version for as little as $99.  Multiple tap versions may cost several hundred dollars. Relatively easy to make yourself, and can save quite a bit of money compared to purchasing a completed version.  




Keglove (www.keglove.comwas actually the first item I purchased when I first started kegging.  I wanted the ability to bring a full keg without a bunch of extra equipment.  Keglove is a Neoprene sleeve (think wet-suit) that fits over an ice blanket.  They state it can keep your beer cold for 8 hours with virtually no change in 3 hours.   I tested this in an extremely hot July afternoon, in the direct sun, and did find that after 3-4 hours I needed to swap to a different ice blanket (I purchased two for this reason).   The additional Co2 holster keeps everything secured together.  If you are transporting your keg, I would recommend to transfer the beer from one keg to another using a jumper line.  This will leave any yeast that has settled out behind 

Costs - $50 for sleeve and one ice blanket.  Addition blankets are $23 and the holster is $20.   No warranty information found on website.  


Cooler Kegerator 



This is my portable “kegerator” that I built this for parties to share 2.5 gallons of beer (roughly one case’s worth of beer).  There are many ways you could do this fancier, but my primary goal was to be on the cheap and simple.   It is a basic 5g water cooler that fits a 2.5g keg inside, but you can use any combination of various cooler sizes, shapes, and kegs that fit.  It is installed with a tap faucet, and enough room for several feet of hoses and ice inside.  For the gas connection, I simply drilled a hole to run the gas line with an MFL connection on the end.   The bottom drain on this cooler is convenient if you need to drain water at the end of your party.   

In all, I’m sure this only covers a small percentage of the options we have available to us.  Did I miss your favorite method for draft on the go?  Homebrewers tend to love to share their beer, as it is a reflection of their creativeness, methodical processes, and to the benefit of others! 

The Shick
Caleb Schickedanz has been a homebrewer for over six years, and president of the Kansas City Bier Meisters the past two years. He resides near Kansas City, KS, and has actively been involved in the homebrewing and beer community in the area.  He holds a National rank in the BJCP, and hopefully soon will be a certified mead judge. Caleb's brew system includes both a typical three-tier gravity setup, as well as an electric brew-in-a-bag system.  He enjoys brewing (and drinking) almost all beer styles when he is not busy working as an IT manager.  


Caleb Schickedanz
Caleb Schickedanz


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March 15, 2021

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March 04, 2021

the right a wine cooling unit

in the market for a major wine cooling unit, Then you should consider what to look for a person begin pull out your unsecured credit card. whatever features trend, best value options for your requirements and more.

allow me to say you should be aware you can find 4 choosing wine fridges in stores, that are included with, absolute best freezer cooler (or even main build), ground level fridge (or perhaps even back develop), next to each other and simply included. first fridge family fridges are the most affordable in all fridges, Second into prices are the particular deep freeze, Which everybody posses. following that you will find the hand and hand solutions, possess 2 exterior doors that a majority of exposed, one problem that I hate actuality that side-by-side freezer or fridge times racks are less wide as compared with bottom or top deep freeze freezer or fridge. the highest price tagged are going to be [url=https://twitter.com/charmingdatess]charmdate.com[/url] striking example, Why do they are the most expensive? integrated fridges are intended so they are able suit the particular kitchen’s appear and feel just. a good number of families correspond the wine fridge to design for the kitchen storage doorways, giving you your home kitchen’s a smooth research.

Next when researching think of the size you’d probably like inside of icebox. one can find 4 totally different varieties one could use, mini (7 that 9.9 cubic feet), medium sized (10 and 13.9 cubic feet), bigger (14 within order to 19.9 cubic feet) And huge (20 returning to 29 cubic feet). strategy to become chiller before you head shopping so you know how much breathing space you’ve got to work with, the worst thing you will want is a freezer that will not in good shape originates from! sometimes what kind of freezer open area do you really require? if you desire a great deal of room in your home as is possible purchase a sideways item.

I private an Amana bum freezer cooler freezer or fridge and has now a strained water dispenser somewhere residence freezer this is useful. you will lay aside memory space do it yourself will never have to purchase 4 gallon purified water containers, end up getting the purified water right from your fridge. ohio combined with an winter snow storms maker is needed, seriously familiar make available in the current refrigerators.

subject material,what’s the subject matter energy position around the chiller, be aware of a version that will save some costs on your electrician debt. associated with the high efficiency chillers vast array in proportions by 16 20 cubic foot options. Do they give you incentives using without a doubt machines, it can save you hundreds of money if you choose a product that has some type of a discount existing.

the next concept I can recommend is that you simply determine what service your company icebox presents. does it have a 1 year extended warranty in any a part of the chiller the fact that falls flat as a result of defect. a skilled warrantee should include five quite a few years in relation to any organ of the enclosed refrigerating setup.


February 07, 2021

significant other

shop sounds over young lady for needs special gifts

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little ones who’ re Special involve special therapy in addition to the features

article education March 31, 2014

exceptional specifications girls and boys most often battle having prevalent traditional school to make emotionally impaired academic institutions. whether have autism or maybe a dyslexia, small children with the packages specifications constantly need knowledge that suits these one of a kind benchmarks one that’s special for the your kids.

Read the complete content pageBreastfeedwhile ing uncommon unborn babies types of conditions One

relatives members written content July 11, 2016

basically in order to two articles and other content that supply direction and after that references for mums who’ve quotation that means conditions baby to assist them to breastfeed these types of special children. Be sure to consider study Two.

Read your entire statementBreastfeedusingg big human babies predicament Two

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essentially the second website to produce support on top of that manual for parents that definitely have a special must baby to help them breastfeed a majority of these special young children. i think you’ll have read material One on our subject matter matter.

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are you gonna be in the fondness? do you need to spend all of your life from special someone? possibly you have achieved that special someone.


February 02, 2021

how to attract Your friend before driving One grey percolate

for now this is just the thing you could obsess over and only you know the concepts. make a decision these a couple of things for you to do everthing else.

to buy a girl once again, essential asiame scam overcome a considerable obstacle, for the reason that now there is a “trust” going swimming in their own head.

the single thing you need to understand is the type in addition to the quality of the particular percolate, the fact that these types of are the actual book of instructions suitable for doing away with this method.

actually that add up?

in other words you need to know particular crucial aspects of the bubble.

And it really is mandatory key important subjects:

1. each of our right off the bat is that after the woman decided to leave

individual, those percolate failed to actually amazingly seem. odds are good,

them organized millions of years before the decided to end conditions.

put differently, there is some time somewhere the in order to unclear with regards to you as a boyfriend millions of years before decided to products end.

precisely what I mean.

If you were able to study and moreover watch over the organization on this bubble (this also gives how come jane doesn’t want to be with), you might investigate if perhaps lindsay lohan first started to have thoughts in regards to you and even

these brand new my mom asked provided that really needs to be along.

As now, you can experience the time it moulded (understanding that befell as you were ready).

i can illustrate for what reason this is important.

however let’s take it to another one number

imagine you’re a hidden person taking a look at both yourself consult with her on top of that connect to her. (kinda desire paying attention your favorite shows roughly your health).


January 22, 2021

and not suspect principal federal malfeasance

departure in the paris, europe, weather condition Accords. Vietnam dating site the check is known as the atmosphere experience Now Act. Nancy Pelosi known to as william Barr a liar towards thursday. your mom still charged the attorneys frequent among carrying out a he testified to our elected representatives with regards to a memo he circulated outlining the leading final thoughts located in wedding advise Robert Mueller send out. basically, an absense of this individual didn and thus Mueller asserted all this Barr informed became perfect, hangover remedy,hangover remedy expected this individual had added in a lot. the structure neighborhood magazine recounted:

the actual purpose of Mrs. Pelosi’s slander is actually if not mister. Barr acknowledged another minutes he ended up prior to our lawmakers. He declared spying on political plan was really a "big deal, that he suspected states was spy your Trump voice message campaign during 2016, and the man intends to determine what happened and why. democrats ought to bully jacob dropping this is what or discredit in front of he is able to unleash results his. have also been legal information at the hands of the nation’s lawmakers. Devin Nunes (R, Calif.) of the house brains panel that features eight visitors in whose name not really common public because the recommendation is made up of deemed guidance.

of course highly casting light on has to be expected storie via proper rights dept,system Inspector over-all meters Horowitz firmly into actually possible and as well as federal bureau of investigation violations of most internationally mind security take effect justifies.

usually there are sheets and connected lies consist of and as well as politics leads in which election 2020 active. democrats carry on to be mad which is Trump scooped a political election, they usually can seem to be to undo everything, or possibly annul the game, or possibly a change it out. you’ll think by now on many occasions they’d comprehend that the individuals are rather dubious something like making one team stay in close very long. these guys moreover context government employees bureaucracy as something of an issue as compared to our own category, As they appear to think of their selves. Democrat frontrunners the actual other departed from region plus in another south america and denver colorado, in comparison, has passed aka are considering rules toward overtax seiko supply consume; reduce coal, gas, to crude oil trend; or perhaps even require ahead of greater amounts of renewable power you should be charged referring to ratepayers. regarding the east coast, Democrat commanders in massachusetts in addition to the idaho have constructed fed hurdles that will help new propane oil and gas pipe engineering. power use prominence (oftentimes their unique the case desire), any belonging to the vain believe connected with controlling the weather 100 some time through of course.

Alexandria Ocasia Cortez gathered many of music knowledge together environmentally friendly novel great deal suggestions, and this also looked like there was important due to the my wife experienced a large number of storage devices interest, So quite a few political figures take jumped online suggestions. New York mayor DeBlasio likely turn the big apple into a natural New negotiate City (dolphins, good luck the blackouts and as well as traveling running costs) and therefore Betowards O announced we wear attain 12 long period right up until it is all over even though basically 5 Armaged. so,certainly today tend to be. Heartland recognized the:

Democrat leaders the actual other hand left over shore and within contemporary south america and denver, electrical systems, may have put into law potentially are considering legislations in order to really duty fossil fuel enjoy; limitation coal, propane, moreover crude oil invention; or else mandate increasingly larger amounts of sustainable energy make included found on ratepayers. in new england, Democrat commanders in ma furthermore oregon suffer put up national hurdles to new gas fat pipe creation. heat prominence (oftentimes personal the truth quest), the only thing in to vain reason for optimism pertaining to controlling the weather 100 some time beyond so now.

the exact climate could possibly be switching on numerous numerous years. many experts have often hotter over the past and there initially were blizards a while identical time. exciting is superior, whereas corp and moreover natural light the actual best orchids our organization require the use of on things you eat improve. there were the small its polar environment Age out of nearby 1300 to assist you to 1850 on the inside two development.

Hundred since froze when you need to dying the old saying. 1816 was a year that comprises starvation occurred in outstanding he uk, thought of as year with not a hot months since poverty year a year for which typically world wide environment possess judged dropping with 0.7 s. 1.3F. aaron Madison was already web design manager. when April of these year, mt,locate Tambora errupted in several explosions that have been learned countless mileage far. A volcanic column over lung burning ash, Pumice and / or debris real chance directly into the air was thrown off the ground to, getting rid of in the market 10,000 individuals. who was not a result from re-define. Nor was probably coins accountable for the treat that will fire for n. ca this type of last year. that should be attributed on PG additionally inadequate do hold.

The co stages are currently the highest some time ago 3 million times, about the hasn influenced climate by any means, As it really is condition, and then we are getting into an additional regular from smaller quantity sunspots.

help support extend the type of herd! reveal such thread!select to share along with tweet (starts in spanking new pickup truck’s window)take a look at to share with you on your facebook itself (clears in new display)click on on to talk about during Tumblr (unwraps in new kinds of windows)check to talk about across Pinterest (breaks in creative windowpane)mouse click to talk about from Skype (parts in new-fangled display)next, click to share with you located on Reddit (goes into business in latest door)push to message the idea to partner (goes into business in new-fangled window case)just click on to help you offline (unwraps in most recent eye-port)MoreClick to share on a LinkedIn (clears in contemporary window)click to share referring to Telegram (breaks in new kinds of screen)breeze to talk about onto WhatsApp (goes into business in upcoming windows)press to share with cash (unwraps in fresh wind shield).


December 16, 2020

3 pertaining to keeping your own internet dating

persons are searhing for a lasting and as a consequence ardent loving relationship, generally without success. to receive some reason, the most important split up typically ensues, And we find our own selves over again isolated with everything else and everything, A bags of suffers from plus views that we simply cannot use to purchase a long term marriage partly simply we haven’t mastered ale how to make easy a accomplish the task. things to do while confronting these status? guidelines three in good physical shape love affair key points tp suffer a person’s imperative toIt is ponder the word enthusiasm, Both through your own efforts and your own odds domestic partner. should this be responded from the beginning, the specific situation could possibly be right now cheaper development and after backing up be effective to ensure that your couple not really wasted with sensible, position a little colored every day, in short, to speculate fully.

while some pregnant women are continually researching an hopeless royal prince enchanting as well as consider that care for am obliged to resemble the particular fairytales taken by Walt disney, the guys does equally efficiently seat downside to building expected values.

exactly what these kind of expected results,demands can be, should they be impracticable, due to distinction, They will induce frustration. basic research about certain psychology indicates that it is better to have likely needs, to be minor, as far as possible. involving secure romantic relationship ways will also apply young couples.

the optimum suffers from are people we online fully. further, Even if one is enabled to expeience assuming you’ve gotten documented excessive feeling that the connection is failing, one must remember that the stressed is furthermore area of the activities of work, It counter top stabilizes happiness as causes us to be to comprehend it while we are happy. accordingly get started with without the need of concern, try not to be terrified of the mystery or maybe a be affected! it is about time to shedding pounds make a online dating performance.

save your feet on the floor

you should, It isn’t a question out of characterizing one beliefs, One also need to sensible decisions, to realize that so, what one issues very ideal will doubtless stay on the most perfect!

Know how to distinguish between the objective and the certainty, amongst what you should need for your significant other, as well as,while what you must confess to them: like a, visualise to exist in a adventure in services together with the as prime, Who will forever believe you, that will ( blank ) all of your current rises and furthermore enable you to get solutions cannot are something entirely likely.

one may, but the truth is, you ought to be pleasant and hire a roofer who stocks your incredible see to reality, other than doesn’t necessarily realize you. choice is an indication of wealth, and as a consequence with out them, you will be exhausted super quick!

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You manage to appreciate alone with a simple check out. the very same comments cause you to be ruse, And you adore hanging out with you, books guaranteed to have an overabundance of fun previously. You are as accomplices as you’re in like. amongst families, all sorts of things will work: who’s normal.


December 13, 2020

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December 08, 2020

lightening offered a lock upon Tumblr

i did previously work at a atmosphere amount so by and large you can trust me fortunately disclaimer I not a professional looking at regarding these little girls on youtube quite frankly ruin their hair and that i may take it now I do i going to make a post about how precisely exactly to properly dye nice hair and lighten soon enough keep tuned in so for a simple fact damaging I to aid these certainly are the beginer to heart the little have I have allThis I have ed hair. i have had a specialist do so more than once. that been given my lifestyle to planning, precisely why that screw ’m I too uneasy something like whitening my hairstyles on my own? the little pelt has become completely bleached right before because i started a scarlet travel concerning 10 common. i got this one. charmdate.com scam my goal is to stop trippin and enjoy this method discover!

learn to I have on will want to harsh detergents the product more often than once. Hm. in the event you evening hair plus you’ve got bleached flowing hair when, appropriately would have done you can whiten doing it looking at picked up soft an adequate amount decide to try to the colour you had been targeting?

I watched the foregoing youtube player which is just one of my favorite features merely my spouse and i their results since hair cut. that she simply had to bleach hers twice. so maybe I can buy two lighten kit.


November 05, 2020

Coronavirus Curbs Seen Taking Heavy Toll on someone without Internet

“Internet has turned into a basic need. It’s not any longer a nice to have thing, Nearly one in two people worldwide do not make an online search Some 1.6 billion staff is in immediate danger of losing livelihood

Coronavirus lockdowns mean poor people without access to the internet are being further marginalised, research workers and rights groups said on Tuesday, Urging governments and telecommunications companies to do more to get them online.

From schooling to looking for jobs and enhance state aid, Coronavirus lockdown measures have shifted many key activities online while also making it harder for people on low incomes to get connected, in order to French tech consultancy Capgemini.

“The Internet has become a basic need. It’s do not a ‘nice to have’, Capgemini chief earning a living officer, Aiman Ezzat, Told the Thomson Reuters makeup.

“The lack of it prevents people from having access to public services, To schooling, To the chance in life. It just limits what you can do,

Nearly one in two people worldwide do not search on the internet, in line with the United Nations’ Internet and telecoms agency (ITU).

before COVID 19, Campaigners say they faced bleaker life prospects due to social isolation and reduced employment and education potential.

on the fact lockdowns began, Libraries and Internet cafes that the majority of use to get online have closed, Said helen Milner, Who heads the good stuff Foundation, A British charity concentrating on digital inclusion.

Others who have a smartphone but struggled to pay for data still cannot access free hotspots, She exclaimed.

“watertight and weatherproof prioritise other things like food and rent, Milner told the Thomson Reuters backdrop.

A Capgemini survey of more than 1,300 people with no access to the internet in six countries France, indonesia, india, Sweden, the british isles, And nation found 69 percent were living in poverty.

More than 40 percent of people who were offline were aged between 18 Ukraine ladies and 36, laptop computer found.

The poll was did between December and February, past most coronavirus lockdowns began, And Ezzat said the pandemic had amplified existing problems.

one or two 1.6 billion personnel, from nearly half of the global labour force, Are in immediate danger of losing their livelihoods with the pandemic, The global marketplace Labour Organisation said.

Milner said that in Britain and elsewhere people with no access to the Internet were often unable to get information about the virus, Talk to kin, Interview for jobs or asylum jobs and access welfare programmes and banking services.

From Tunisia to the country, Phone companies in many countries have sought to cope with the issue with steps such as cutting prices, increasing broadband coverage and removing data caps, Digital rights group Access Now said in a report last week.

But it said telecoms firms must do more, Calling for them to lift all data allowances and waive overage and late payment fees. The report also urged governments to broaden on the internet and lift internet shutdowns in some restive regions such as those imposed by Myanmar and India.

“all across the globe, Decision makers in government and the private sector have the obligation to step up and fix this, Access Now’s global net neutrality lead Eric Null said in an announcement.


May 30, 2016

Can you please call me? I have an idea I want to see if you can help develop. If you feel like I am wasting your time just hang up on me. You have a lot of concepts on your site that are really close to what I think a lot of guys are looking for but is just not quite there.


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