5 Most Interesting Beer Tap Handles from Houston Breweries

  Am I the only person who has ended up ordering a beer because it had a great looking tap handle? Seriously doubt it.  That's what interesting tap handles do - sell beer.  Often times the creativity used in designing these beer pulls is a direct reflection of the creativity they put in their beer.  So after many visits to local craft beer bars, the Half Yankee Workshop as picked our favorites and would like to share them with you.


Custom Artistic Tap Handles

Special Mention Axelrad Beer Garden

  This outdoor meccaa of Beer, Pizza, and Lounging in Hammocks has some of most interesting tap handles I have seen.  On display are 31 two feet tall figurines.  Hand carved by Venezuelan artist Maria Rangel.  The owner reached out to the artist 20 years after buying some of his figurines in Rangel's home country.  Each piece is unique and represents different ethnicity.  Rumor has it that they had to be smuggled into the states. 


Lone Pint Yellow Rose Beer Tap Handle
HONORABLE MENTION  Lone Pint Brewery - Yellow Rose

  This tap handle is not the typical one you will see when a Houston bartender pours you a Lone Pint beer.  The free floating hop trapped inside the wooden cage is reminiscent of something my grandfather use to carve and leave around the house.  I would play with them trying to figure out how the wooden ball got inside the block of wood.  Sort of like a wood carvers version of a ship in a bottle.  Well I am on to his tricks now, but still enjoy seeing this special version of their tap.


Cycler's Brewing 55-11 Beer Tap Handle

#5 Cycler’s Brewing - 55-11

  Bicycle! Bicycle! Bicycle!  I want to ride my bicycle!  And after all of that bicycle riding the first thing a rider wants is a refreshing beer.  That's why some of the coolest teams in the MS150 are sponsored by breweries and the team at Cycler's Brewing knows their audience with their bike inspired tap handles.


8th Wonder Brewery Rocket Fuel Beer Tap Handle

 #4 8th Wonder Brewery – Rocket Fuel

  If one of this breweries founders was to cut their hand (and with their food background I guarantee they have), I am pretty sure they would bleed Houston or whatever that looks like.  Maybe Oil, Dirty Bayou Water, or Humidity?  Doesn't matter, we love our city and these handles have a look and feel that screams Houston.


Galveston Island Brewing Nightfall Beer Tap Handle

 #3 Gavleston Island Brewing - Nightfall

  While these guys are not technically in the city, Galveston is like Houston's cool backyard, so I feel they are eligible.  I can’t think of a better place to enjoy a good beer than the beach and this tap handle looks like it was collected while walking down the seawall.  The large shell sits on top of a piece of drift wood with it’s badge in the middle where it proudly displays Galveston in relaxing colors.

Saint Arnold's Brewery Santo Beer Tap Handle
#2 Saint Arnold’s Brewing Company - Santo

  When the brewery asked Houston artist Carlos Hernandez’s to create his version of their name sake Saint, this wild eyed Day of the Dead style skeleton with his saintly hat was created.  It inspired the brew masters so much, they actually went to work to create a beer that would match the passion and style of this artwork.  This tap handle always gets my attention, even if I am not looking for a black Kölsch.

Buffalo Bayou Brewery 1836 Beer Tap Handle
#1 Buffalo Bayou - 1836

  Ok this tap handle design is almost cheating.  First off if there is one thing this Texan loves, it's guns.  Even more than guns, this Texan loves TEXAS!  So celebrating the independence of our great state, they brewed 1836 - what they call a Copper Ale.  To pour it the bartender has to pull the tap which is the butt of a musket, almost making you want to yell "REMEMBER THE ALAMO!"  Only thing that could make this beer tap handle cooler is if it made the sound of a cannon firing when pouring beer!
Well there it is, my top five beer tap handles from Houston area breweries.  What do you think, did I miss any of your favorites?
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Custom Tap Handles from Half Yankee Workshop
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Jeremy Jordan
Jeremy Jordan


3 Responses


May 30, 2015

Troy – You are right, knowing the story behind the rifle makes it that much cooler! May I suggest Jim Bowie’s knife for your next one?

Tom – I would like to think my dentist has the hand control to carve such a thing but I doubt it. Smart play with the smaller handle, a lot of requests for my custom ones are around 6".


May 30, 2015

Thanks Jeremy!!
We have a local dentist who made that one (and other custom handles) for us here at the brewery. Some of them have made it into the market when a shorter tap handle was required. Our standard handles are hand crafted from fallen trees! So we are equally as stoked about them!
Thanks Again!


May 30, 2015

I’m stoked you love our tap handle and Texas! You’ll really dig this. It’s not a musket butt rather that of Ole Betsy, Davey crocket’s rifle. Keep your eye out for our More Cowbell tap handle too, the cowbell rings whenever a beer is poured.

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