2015 Reddit Homebrewing Competition

Reddit Homebrewing Competition

The Half Yankee Workshop is a proud official sponsor of the 2015 Reddit Homebrewing Competition.  This year will mark the sixth time the contest has been ran in this popular community.  Our handcrafted wood beer tap handles are among this year’s many prizes along with other prizes from some great vendors. 


 Decided by popular vote by the members of /r/Homebrewing, the categories are as follows:

  1. Category 14:IPA
  2. Category 13:Stout [Canadian Category]
  3. Category 16C:Saison
  4. Category 10C:American Brown Ale
  5. Category 15:German Wheat and Rye Beer


Last year there were over 300 entries and with the growing popularity of this community and home brewing in general many, many more are expected in this year’s contest.


Do you think you have a unique brew that will wow the judges?  Go ahead and sign up to join this great community and friendly competition.  You have till November 1st for your entry.


Good Luck and Hoppy Brewing!





Jeremy Jordan
Jeremy Jordan


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November 11, 2020

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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