Brew United Challenge 2015

BrewUnited Home Brew Challenge
  In our proud tradition of supporting the home brew community we are a sponsor for the inaugural BrewUnited Challenge.  Feeling the need to celebrate transition of the popular homebrew forum to, they have put together a contest everyone can really get into.
This BJCP sanctioned contest enjoys an "Iron Chef" style setup brewing contest.  With 15 different beer styles(Munich Dunkel, our favorite on the list) made from a list of approved ingredients. 
must use all of these!
must use two of these!
Pilsner Malt
Munich Malt (Light or 10L)
Crystal 60L
Flaked Wheat

Extract Brewer Alternatives
Pilsen Malt (LME) or Pilsen Light (DME)
Munich Malt (LME) or Sparkling Amber (DME)
Crystal 60L (steep)
Wheat Malt (LME) or Bavarian Wheat (DME)
Northern Brewer
Any yeast of your choice; dry or liquid, commercial or wild.
Become of a member of their forum to ask questions or discuss ideas for the contest. 
  If the idea of winning a friendly contest is not enough for you, they have reached out to home brew vendors and have secured $3,000 worth of awesome prizes.  Half Yankee Workshop will be offering six of our custom tap handles or if winners do not have a tap system, we will give them one of our Cap'n'Catch Bottle Openers.
 Session Series Flame Birch Custom Tap Handle
Best of luck to the contestants, we look forward to awarding you your tap handle!

Jeremy Jordan
Jeremy Jordan


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