Custom Tap Handle Build For Killen's Steakhouse

  When the famous Killen's Steakhouse opened their new restaurant in Pearland, Texas, they found themselves with a bar space like they've never had before.  While the restaurant has always had amazing selections of wine, whiskey and beer, this is the first time they've had a space to show it off.  They went all out in creating a very inviting space, with a long and wide Italian Marble bar, a beautiful glass wine tower, and rich dark wood paneling wrapping around the back of the bar. 

  Killen's Steakhouse plans to offer a robust selection of beer including hard-to-find, seasonal or specialty brews. When it came to tap handles they wanted to go a different route than using the one ones handed out by the beer distributors for a few different reasons: spacing on the tap wall, storage of all the handles, changing handles every time a keg is switched, lack of a retail tap handle for rare beers and not to mention the ambiance of the bar itself. The solution: a custom set from the local Half Yankee Workshop. 

  While trying to find out what would work for them, we discovered DeeDee Killen is from Michigan and loves lumber that is full of figure.  This space really needed a lighter color wood that would stand out.  Drawing on DeeDee's Michigan roots, we found a few special boards of the curliest maple we have ever seen from the Great Lake State.  We produced twenty tap handles featuring our removable chalkboard Tap Sign.  The staff will be able to write the name of the beer in regular chalk or even liquid chalk that really stands out on this metal chalkboard.  One of the more notable parts of the build that you will notice in the video is that we coated the tap handles with red wine to highlight the figure of the wood.  Enjoy the video and let us know if you have any questions.




Half Yankee Workshop



Jeremy Jordan
Jeremy Jordan


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