Cap 'n' Catch Bottle Opener - Figured Walnut

Made from the most prized piece of an American Walnut tree, this wood has figure running through it that jumps out in a 3D effect.  

Powerful rare earth magnets will hold over 25 bottle caps to it!

A polished bottle opener shines on this figured walnut, popping caps that are then caught by the super strong rare earth magnetic.  It's 10"x4" size fits in nicely if it's in your man cave or on the kitchen fridge.  

The cap ‘n’ catch bottle opener can be mounted on a wall by sliding the vertical slot over a screw or let the power of the magnets hold it firmly on your beer fridge.

You will never find two pieces of figured wood that look the same, so your bottle opener may look different from the ones pictured. 

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