Kegerator with Custom Zebrawood Tap Handles

Just as beer aged in a bourbon barrel gains a distinct flavor, trees are affected by environmental factors that leave their mark. The wood beer tap handles in our premium reserve are all made from wood that is exotic, rare, or otherwise unique. While it’s true that no two pieces of wood are exactly alike, those featured in this collection are especially distinctive. 

The woods are sourced by Half Yankee craftmaster Jeremy Jordan, who then designs each handle based on the specific qualities of each cut.  Most pieces for these tap handles are bought in extremely small quantity due to rareness. 

In most cases when we run out of a particular tap handle in the Premium Reserve series, it is gone forever.  So don't miss your chance.  If there is a particular tap handle we are out of please contact us and we will see what we can do about finding more wood to build them.

Every premium reserve beer handle includes a brass, 3/8-in. threaded insert that fits standard taps. With some in this series you can add a magnetic Tap Sign to the handle, giving you the freedom to label your different brews on tap. Tap signs are held in place with rare earth magnets, and are easy to change out as new craft beers come in.