Marbled Walnut Maple Beer Tap Handle

Also known as Claro Walnut are trees that have grafted with other Walnut species and now have a gray and purplish cast to them at the point of the graft.  The tap handles were cut specially so each handle displays this blend of colors.  How many times have you brewed something special combining two similar ingredients? 

9" x 1 3/4" x 1 1/4"

Please note that, due to the highly varied nature of this wood, your tap handle may not exactly match the one shown in the photo. These differences are part of what makes each Half Yankee Workshop tap handle one of a kind!

A magnetic Tap Sign can be added to this or most any Half Yankee Workshop beer tap handle. The sign works as a miniature chalkboard and is perfect for showing your customers or friends what’s on tap. The sign is held firmly in its slot with a rare-earth magnet, but can be easily removed or swapped out.

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