About Half Yankee Workshop



The Half Yankee Workshop is a homegrown woodshop specializing in custom products for craft brewers, including custom wood beer tap handles, and magnetic bottle openers. Located in Houston, Texas, we provide custom tap handles for bars, coffee roasters, small breweries, kombucha brewers and also ship to home brewers nationwide.

Go Texan

The inspiration for the Half Yankee Workshop is a combination of the past and present. The company takes its name from founder and primary woodworker Jeremy Jordan’s family tree: His father hails from Rhode Island, while his mother is a native Texan. Jeremy himself was born and raised in Texas, but proudly wears the moniker of “half Yankee”—an homage to the craftsmen on both sides of his family.

While woodworking has always been in Jeremy’s blood, the inspiration for his original beer tap handles came from his 15 years working in the restaurant industry. After spending many hours talking with brewers, bartenders, and chefs about their passion for the food and drinks they serve, it felt wrong to see mass-produced, plastic tap handles behind the bar.

Whether you’re a restaurant owner looking to enhance the ambiance of your bar or a home brewer searching for a tap handle that reflects your passion for craft beer, the Half Yankee Workshop has unique products to fit your personal style.


Half Yankee Workshop