Custom Tap Handles

Killen's Steakhouse Custom Tap Handles


   Need a better unbranded tap handle than a cheap looking plastic one for your seasonal or special beers that do not have their own?  


Custom Tap Handles

  Maybe you want to change the ambiance of your restaurant or bar with a beautiful set of handmade wooden tap handles that matches your decor?

Starting at $20 

  Or you could be looking for an alternative to storing 100's tap handles and wasting payroll as employee's spend time searching for the right tap?


Save $$$ on Labor 

  Using our Tap Sign you never have to change out the tap handle when changing the keg, just write beers name on the metal chalkboard and you are ready to serve!


Switch the Keg, not the Tap Handle 

  Leave us your contact info and we will get back to you and discuss creating a beer tap handle that's right for you.  
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Custom Laser Etching and Color Available
Durable Metal Chalkboards work with Chalk or Marker
Custom Wood Tap Handles
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